My Fascinators and Hair Accessories, an Introduction.

You may not know this, but every hair accessory, headpiece, occasion hat and fascinators that I make are hand made by my own ( Burnt ) fingers. They are unique, one of kind and not mass produced.  I use a wide range of found materials and objects as well specifically ordered items to create their look. I have tried to cater for most styles and budgets but each with their own 'Brite Dayze' charm.  I also am very willing to work on commissions and will work with you to create t

Burlesque Feather Headdress

This piece began with the vintage bambi Christmas decoration it excited me so very much that I had to create a world around it. I did just that ! The pink glittery bambi is the focal point. The feathers cascade around it gloriously in pastel colours. The bambi is positioned as if skipping along. Fabric silver stars are poised on thin silver wires if you wished you could change the positioning of these slightly. In the centre just behind the deer is a star made from very

The Doves from Above

Stunning dove headpiece oh so magical ! I wanted to use my signature doves but this time incorporate a veil. I absolutely love this piece ! :-) It is stunning and would be great for a wide variety of occasions from bridal wear,the races,a special party or a Christmas ball ! Two doves reside at either side they have an abundance of fluffy feathers in their tails and a smattering of crystals on delicate metal wires. You can wear the veil back or remain mysterious with i