Where to buy unique fascinators and Headdresses

Indeed, where can you buy unique fascinators and headdresses? In a market flooded with perfectly adequate mediocre fascinators, I assume you've arrived here because you are looking for something unique ? With one of my custom made fascinators, hats and headdresses you certainly will stand out. Whether it's a race day fascinator, wedding hat or for a party, NO ONE will have the same as yours. I can create your unique headpiece to match your outfit or theme. All my hairpiece

My Fascinators and Hair Accessories, an Introduction.

You may not know this, but every hair accessory, headpiece, occasion hat and fascinators that I make are hand made by my own ( Burnt ) fingers. They are unique, one of kind and not mass produced.  I use a wide range of found materials and objects as well specifically ordered items to create their look. I have tried to cater for most styles and budgets but each with their own 'Brite Dayze' charm.  I also am very willing to work on commissions and will work with you to create t

With this Bird Fascinator, you become a walking aviary !!

This gorgeous bird fascinator the creation is both sophisticated and quirky at the same time and happens to be one of my all time favourite creations ! The little birds reside in the leaved branches to await the arrival of spring this is sure to turn heads wherever you choose to wear it. This one of a kind statement piece is so easy and light to wear despite its height and you never know when you wear it you may even entice real birds down from the trees to reside within your

Pink and Peach Hair Fascinator

Have your own butterfly collection and take it with you wherever you go ! This stunning elaborate and huge tear shaped fascinator has definitely got the wow factor ! It is incredibly light to wear despite its size and this sculptural butterfly beauty is a real show stopper ! It is attached to a silky pink alice band and the base is ivory in colour and a classic tear drop shape. This piece could almost be called a fabric sculpture it has many interesting elements within it and

Light Up Your Life

Goodbye gorgeous lamp shade ! It is one of my favourites embellished with a vintage earing. It begins its journey to Ireland. It's a pity this lampshade has been sold but do not worry there are plenty more available on my Etsy shop. #burlesquelampshade #vintagelampshade #bespokelampshade #boudoirlamp #lampshade #crafts #etsy #britedayze