Pink Feather Fascinator

Lets take a trip to the roaring 20s with this elegant pink feather fascinator. This is a black velvet head band with Magenta and black feathers that rest on a sumptuous black velvet bow. A vintage brooch piece features at the focal point. The head band is worn at a slight angle (see pictures) so that the bow and feathers are worn at a slight tilt on the head. More of the headband length comes down on the other side of the head (see pictures) this is easily disguised with hair

Pink and Peach Hair Fascinator

Have your own butterfly collection and take it with you wherever you go ! This stunning elaborate and huge tear shaped fascinator has definitely got the wow factor ! It is incredibly light to wear despite its size and this sculptural butterfly beauty is a real show stopper ! It is attached to a silky pink alice band and the base is ivory in colour and a classic tear drop shape. This piece could almost be called a fabric sculpture it has many interesting elements within it and

Burlesque Feather Headdress

This piece began with the vintage bambi Christmas decoration it excited me so very much that I had to create a world around it. I did just that ! The pink glittery bambi is the focal point. The feathers cascade around it gloriously in pastel colours. The bambi is positioned as if skipping along. Fabric silver stars are poised on thin silver wires if you wished you could change the positioning of these slightly. In the centre just behind the deer is a star made from very

Handmade Fascinators, for weddings parties, race days and more !

Beautiful and lovingly crafted hair fascinators, headdresses, occasion hats and much more. Be the highlight of any party, wedding, race day. Designed to your specific requirements or choose one I have already created on my Etsy shop, you can guarantee your hairpiece will be a one of kind unique show stopper !! I use a wide range of found materials and objects as well specifically ordered items to create their look. I have tried to cater for most styles and budgets but each wi

Pink Flying Pig Fascinator, Yes Pigs can fly!

I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of this flying pig fascinator. You may noticed that I use a lot of wonderful creatures in my hair accessory creations, this pig was no acception. It was just a plain pink piggie, so why not cover piggie in glitter, give him some beautiful wings and onto my shop he flew ! It wasnt long before my flying pig fascinator flew away ! I will miss him he was my favourite! He has flown to a surrealist event at a London art gallery ! Just proves that pigs can