Headpiece, headdress costume inspiration and ideas

Pink Feathered Headdress UPDATE ! I am soooo excited by this we got published ! Laura's pictures and my headdress got accepted in the ' Pink ' addition of DYE magazine ! I am so very proud of us all and our dreamy shoot ! I know this Pink and Green Feathered Showgirl Headdress has featured in a previous post back in December, as wonderful as Luna is and did this headdress proud, things have gone up a notch. !! It was captured again by the incredibly talented Laura Hince photo

Costume Headpiece and headdress inspiration and ideas

So here is another headdress I created that I have also been keeping secret. With a collaboration from some very talented people who came together to create an amazing photoshoot high featured one of my headdresses. It was captured by the incredibly talented Laura Hince photography. It enjoyed its baptism of fire at our creative collaboration at the The Photocove Studio in Manchester a few weeks ago. The headdress consists of a cute little figure wearing a lacey outfit I made

Pink Feather Fascinator

Lets take a trip to the roaring 20s with this elegant pink feather fascinator. This is a black velvet head band with Magenta and black feathers that rest on a sumptuous black velvet bow. A vintage brooch piece features at the focal point. The head band is worn at a slight angle (see pictures) so that the bow and feathers are worn at a slight tilt on the head. More of the headband length comes down on the other side of the head (see pictures) this is easily disguised with hair

Burlesque Feather Headdress

This piece began with the vintage bambi Christmas decoration it excited me so very much that I had to create a world around it. I did just that ! The pink glittery bambi is the focal point. The feathers cascade around it gloriously in pastel colours. The bambi is positioned as if skipping along. Fabric silver stars are poised on thin silver wires if you wished you could change the positioning of these slightly. In the centre just behind the deer is a star made from very