Burlesque Feather Headdress

This piece began with the vintage bambi Christmas decoration it excited me so very much that I had to create a world around it. I did just that ! The pink glittery bambi is the focal point. The feathers cascade around it gloriously in pastel colours. The bambi is positioned as if skipping along. Fabric silver stars are poised on thin silver wires if you wished you could change the positioning of these slightly. In the centre just behind the deer is a star made from very

Ariel the Little Mermaid Crown

Of all my hair fascinators, tiara's and occasion hats this Ariel crown is one of my favourite's. It is a bespoke tiara that I made for a special friend who is also my step daughter soon to be. She is a huge fan of Ariel the little mermaid so I made her this crown for her wedding present. If you would like an Ariel crown like this one PLEASE NOTE it will be similar but NOT EXACTLY the same because no two of my headpieces are the same they are all one of a kind bespoke pieces s

Art on your Head!

This is Agatha she came to me wanting a commissioned headpiece for a special event. Her main request was that she wanted to wear something that had the spirit and look of an over grown garden and I think I achieved just that ! Plant life tendrils were free flowing and a plethora of insects crawled amongst the lush velvet leaves (you can get a closer look at these details on my shop pictures) . Although some headpieces are large and full of detail they are incredibly lightweig