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Ariel the Little Mermaid Crown

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Of all my hair fascinators, tiara's and occasion hats this Ariel crown is one of my favourite's. It is a bespoke tiara that I made for a special friend who is also my step daughter soon to be. She is a huge fan of Ariel the little mermaid so I made her this crown for her wedding present.

If you would like an Ariel crown like this one PLEASE NOTE it will be similar but NOT EXACTLY the same because no two of my headpieces are the same they are all one of a kind bespoke pieces so some of the beads and jewel embellishments will differ from the ones in the picture . They may differ by colour and size etc because it very much depends on what materials are available to me. Also Ariel will feature primarily however she also may differ slightly from the picture depending on what type of Ariel is available to me. If you require a different colour theme or want something in particular just let me know. If you would like a different Disney character or a different Disney princess for your crown I am happy to create it for you. I welcome all kinds of commissions fair hair accessories, bags and lampshades.:-) This particular piece has an assortment of beads, jewels and embellishments mounted on a simple tiara base. Please refer to the pictures for the intricate details. I have even created an headpiece for Ariel herself so she does not feel left out ! Mermaid tails are in abundance and the deep sea foliage sparkles with delicate blue glitter. It is fairly weighty but not over the top and it could probably be worn for an hour or so . There are combs at each end of the tiara frame ( see pictures ) these enable the crown to firmly sit on the head. You could probably dance in this but too much upside down or head banging would not be advisable or possible ! :-):-) :-):-) Click here to purchase or to visit one of my many other Tiaras, Fascinators, Headpieces and crafts.

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