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Costume Headpiece and headdress inspiration and ideas

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

So here is another headdress I created that I have also been keeping secret. With a collaboration from some very talented people who came together to create an amazing photoshoot high featured one of my headdresses. It was captured by the incredibly talented Laura Hince photography. It enjoyed its baptism of fire at our creative collaboration at the The Photocove Studio in Manchester a few weeks ago.

The headdress consists of a cute little figure wearing a lacey outfit I made complete with a pointy hat. It resides in an egg shaped garden of abundant flowers, jewels and butterflies. So flattered was I that Lolita Latex wanted to wear it. With her radiant beauty she transforms the piece and resembles a breathtaking goddess from an ancient and beguiling religion. Gorgeous clothes from Lynn Mckay at Kiku Corset Boutique.

If you would like a peep at some more of my headdresses, hairpieces and fascinators as well as more of my crafts. Why not take a look at my etsy store. Keep and eye out for more amazing collaborations coming soon....😍😍😍😍😍

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