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Original Modern Art by Alfred Halliday

Updated: May 14, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I would like to introduce you to the world of my fathers wonderful art. He has an Etsy shop which you can visit here.

Heres an extract from his introduction

I am 81 years of age and I have created art from the earliest time I can remember and that is a LONG time ago I can tell you ! I can not resist creating art works wherever I am on whatever materials I can find. I thought it was about time I showed the world my creations so that is why I have opened this Etsy shop at the grand old age of 80 ! Welcome world to my art ! I am not getting any younger and time is not on my side so lets enjoy life while we can ! Throughout my life I have created art on any thing from large industrial landscapes using car paint sample pots to more recently primitive sculptural works in sand stone. My house is my gallery (please look at the 'about' section at the bottom of my page to see my gallery) bursting with my art in all its manifestations, painted and lit old wine bottles to painted plates that fill the display cabinet , and hundreds of my surreal cartoons that fill my bathroom ! Of all 20th century art, Picasso was my main influence. I enjoy the freedom he gave to artists and hence to the world

I love the spontaneity, balance and colour in my modern work . PLEASE look at my ' About ' section at the bottom of my shop , here you will find my stone sculptures ! I created them from sand stone some years ago. Due to their weight postage is less straight forward so contact me if you are interested and we will see what we can arrange . If you are living in the UK in the Manchester area then you would be able to pick it up locally . If you see anything on these photographs that catches your eye but not for sale contact me and I will see what I can do. I am more than happy to accept commissions but would require a deposit. PLEASE NOTE ALL MY SHIPPING FEES ARE SIGNED FOR DELIVERIES FOR EXTRA SECURITY THE DELIVERY PRICES ARE A REFLECTION OF THIS ! If you order multiple items (more than two) then the processing time will take a little longer than normal.There is only me and I am a one man band ! PLEASE NOTE THE COLOURS OF MY WORK WILL ALWAYS VARY SLIGHTLY DEPENDING ON WHAT TYPE OF DEVICE AND MONITOR YOU ARE USING . PLEASE note I always send items individually from my experience they are safer this way. If you do want a price for multiple items message me and I will try and sort something out but I do prefer to send individually.I will be adding weekly more unique items to my shop so please join me on this journey , go find your passports we will be leaving soon on The Art Express.

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