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Pink and Peach Hair Fascinator

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Have your own butterfly collection and take it with you wherever you go ! This stunning elaborate and huge tear shaped fascinator has definitely got the wow factor ! It is incredibly light to wear despite its size and this sculptural butterfly beauty is a real show stopper ! It is attached to a silky pink alice band and the base is ivory in colour and a classic tear drop shape. This piece could almost be called a fabric sculpture it has many interesting elements within it and I have really gone to town with this using a myriad of interesting materials ! I have used the palest of pink sinamay fabric moulded into circular shapes adorned with small crystals attached to a thin pliable wire and pink feathers. I then decorated the whole thing with six feathered butterflies.

I have use three large butterflies in a peach colour and three smaller butterflies in a lilac colour. Some are attached to the main teardrop base and some are attached to the pink sinamay shapes. The small lilac butterfly at the top of the piece gives the impression of floating and this is attached to a narrow metal wire. Measurements are as follows length of the longest part of the tear drop base is approx. 11 inches the width at the widest part of the tear drop base is approx.6 inches. The height from the bottom of the base to the furthest part of the wing on the highest positioned butterfly is approx. 6.5 inches. The width of each large pink butterfly at the widest part is approx. 4.5 inches and the height of each is at the widest wingspan is approx. 2.3 inches . The small lilac butterflies measure at their widest part width approx. 2.5 inches and height at their widest part is approx. 1.8 inches .PLEASE NOTE these measurements are approx. only because this hat has so many variables ! This is an exceptionally striking hair ornament but I warn you that it is BOUND to give people butterflies in their stomachs but in the NICEST possible way ever !!!! To see more of my creations please follow this link

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