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Pink Feather Fascinator

Updated: May 14, 2019

Lets take a trip to the roaring 20s with this elegant pink feather fascinator. This is a black velvet head band with Magenta and black feathers that rest on a sumptuous black velvet bow. A vintage brooch piece features at the focal point. The head band is worn at a slight angle (see pictures) so that the bow and feathers are worn at a slight tilt on the head.

More of the headband length comes down on the other side of the head (see pictures) this is easily disguised with hair. You do not have to wear it like this you can wear it any way you choose. Width of the actual headband is about half an inch. The central jewel on this fascinator is mesmerising and it is sure to captivate whoever you are with before you know it you will be doing The Charleston as if you always have EVEN at the bus stop !

To purchase this item or view any of my fascinators, hairpieces and hair accessories please visit my Etsy shop. Thank You :)

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